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About Us

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About the Health Department

It is the philosophy of this agency that every human being is entitled to basic health services and that every individual has the same basic health care needs. These needs are best met through adequate self-care which can be enhanced through health service programs. It is a belief also that the individual should be encouraged to show responsibility for his/her own health. It is further believed that coordination of services with other health care agencies is required to provide minimum overlap and maximum utilization of all funds. Because participants stand to benefit from the service, user fees will be assessed to supplement allocated tax revenues.

The mission for Sherman County Health Department coincides with the mission defined by the Pride in Education for Public Health group (PEPH) as that of fulfilling society’s interest in assuring conditions in which every individual can achieve optimum health.

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Jennifer Cure, RN


Jessica Lohr, RN

Family Planning and WIC Lead Nurse

Kassie Gray, RN

Immunization and Disease Investigation Lead Nurse

Rhea Daise

WIC and Childcare Licensing

Lisa Tomsic

Administrative Assistant

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