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In 1796, Edward Jenner inoculated an 8-year-old boy against smallpox and coined the term "vaccination" to describe what he had done. Today, smallpox is a memory thanks to vaccination, and routine vaccination against childhood diseases is an important part of our children’s health care.


As parents you want to do everything you can to keep your babies from getting sick. We also understand the as a parent it is your job to make the best decisions possible for your child.  With all of the information available about the pro's and con's of immunizations it is difficult as a parent to know what to do.  We are here to give you the information needed to make an informed decision about immunizing your child.


Here are a few informational sheets to help answer the questions you have as a parent.



Immunization Schedule for Infants and Children (Birth through 6 years)

Developmental Milestones  for Infants and Children (Birth through 6 years)        

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